Group Facilitation Guide

          Any time a group is established for ongoing work, or for a limited period or special project, the responsibility for facilitating the group's efforts must be recognized and accepted if the group is to reach its full potential. This guide offers ways for enhancing a group's performance using proven facilitation methods.

          The work of facilitation can be shared and/or rotated. The person with primary responsibility for the tasks assigned to a group should seriously consider rotating the role of facilitator and recorder among the group's members. The advantages of this are manifold:

          The person who has ultimate responsibility for establishing the group should be aware of the needs for facilitating the groups work and should assign responsibility for the various tasks and activities described below. In the event a group is self-forming, then the group itself should discuss these at its first meeting and decide how to handle them.


1. Set Group Standards
  1. Set and adhere to agreed-upon group standards. These become norms for the group's behavior, which radically improves the level of trust within a group. An example of a standards adopted by groups are:
  2. For every meeting there is a designated meeting facilitator and a meeting recorder.
  3. Develop a schedule so that everyone who attends meetings knows if it's their turn to either facilitate or record.
  4. Ensure that everyone attending the meeting receives the information they need so they can come properly prepared.


2. Facilitator Responsibilities

          Before the meeting:

          At the meeting:

3. Recorder Responsibilities

          The responsibilities of the recorder will vary depending on the nature of the meeting. If there is not a recorder at a meeting, it can result in the unfortunate situation (which often happens) that a few weeks later no-one can remember the meeting's outcome, and it has to be repeated to cover essentially the same ground.

          Here are examples of duties of the recorder.

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